Amazon’s Policy Allows Employees To Share Parental Leave With Spouse

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Amazon is leading the way when it comes to Silicon Valley’s parental leave policy. Its Leave Share program allows employees to share their parental leave with their spouse, if they work at a company which does not have parental leave policies.

This means that if a parent whose company does not have paid leave wants time off, Amazon will pay them. If someone has 6 weeks off, they can take three weeks and give the rest to their spouse

Leave Share came out of employee focus groups, where we received feedback about the struggle that comes with a partner who doesn’t get paid leave, says Steve Winter, Amazon’s director of global programs and services.

Ramp Back Offers Flexi Schedule

They also have a policy called Ramp Back, where new parents are allowed an eight-week flexible schedule and reduced work hours. On resuming office, a new parent can work for 8 weeks at 50 per cent capacity, 4 weeks at 50 per cent followed by 4 weeks at 75 per cent or 8 weeks at 75 per cent capacity.

Adoption Assistance

Amazon also has an Adoption Assistance benefit. American employees can be reimbursed for adoption expenses up to $5,000 for a single child. For a sibling adoption, they can be reimbursed up to $10,000.

Since these policies were launched, 11,000 employees have availed of them.

The employees who have used the benefits have said that it has provided them with emotional and financial benefits. This has allowed them to come to work better prepared

These kind of policies certainly seem to be a win-win for the employees and the companies. In India, the number of weeks mothers can take off after having a child is 26. However, fathers only get 15 days of paternity leave.

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