US Woman Rescues Afghan Girls Robotic Team, Emerges As Hero During Afghan Crisis

Allyson Reneau ,afghan women education under taliban; Who is allyson reneau
A US woman rescued the Afghan Girls Robotic Team of ten female students ageing from 16 to 18 years recently after the Taliban de facto took over the Ashraf Ghani led government following his elopement on August 15.

Dreading to the possibility of stricter laws being imposed on Afghan women and children, concerns regarding their rights and safety has been raised from all over the world.

Allyson Reneau, the woman who rescued the female robotics student from Afghanistan, is popularly being called “superwoman” because of her generous act. Reportedly, Reneau met the girls previously in 2019.

Afghan Women Education Under Taliban

The team of minors was panicked as the Taliban took control and reports of the fundamentalists prohibiting women to work within just five days of their intrusion. However, they were on the mind of the US woman who is also a mother to 11.

According to a report by the Indian Express, Reneau left for Qatar, where a friend in the US embassy helped her and the two managed to help the girls.

She told the media, “It’s a very narrow window of opportunity”.

“I knew that if I didn’t run through that door now — it’s now or never. Sometimes you only get one chance,” she added.

On August 19, Reneau took to her Instagram account to share the update of the crisis. She stated that although 10 of the Afghan Girls were evacuated and taken to a secure place out of Afghanistan, there is still a second group of young ladies needing evacuation.

Reneau added that the reason why she is not rescuing American women from Afghanistan instead of Afghan women is that these are the only people she knows in the country.

Who Is Allyson Reneau?

According to her Instagram bio, Reneau is a Harvard graduate, an international motivational speaker, Pilot, Gymnastics Coach, Runner, Equestrian and Humanitarian.