In a shocking incident on Christmas, a woman accompanied by her family was shown the door after complaining of molestation, while the alleged perpetrator got to stay and make merry.

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Vijaya Das, a 26-year-old web developer, had gone to Sher-E-Punjab in Kolkata’s Sukanta Nagar area. She described her ordeal in detail in a Facebook post, including two videos shot by her family member while the argument was going on.

Das wrote, “Me, mom, dad and my cousin arrived at much rated dhaba SHER-E-PUNJAB to indulge into some delicacy. We just order our food and I suddenly saw a shady man was looking at me with the most dirty look one can give. He was drinking heavily. I ignored at first as society teaches us to do in this situation. I even told my dad to come and sit just in front of me so that I can save myself from his filthy eyes and expressions.”

She added, “He then glides to the next seat to watch me again. He was even looking at every women’s/girl’s bodies whoever was passing by.”

Vijaya’s initial reaction was to ignore the man, hoping not to make a scene, but this seemed to give him the upper hand. She eventually shouted at him, but he pretended to not know what she was talking about.

“He even kept smiling in between. Later my dad joined me and he kept doing all the bullshits he could. He even said to me management k bolun, management k (complain to the management not me)”

A well-informed Vijaya then called the lady police posted in the area but even that proved little help.

“I even called the lady police troupe outside. They all looked uncomfortable when I asked for help. They were enjoying their Christmas chat on the front yard. They didn’t expect a girl to get molested at this very hour. May be there should have been a perfect timing for that so that they could have got ready,” Vijaya wrote.

But the worse of the situation happened when even the restaurant management asked Vijaya and her family to leave the premises. In a situation where a woman’s dignity is compromised, instead of helping her even the management refused to assist. Not just that, she writes that her father “rebuked her” for posting this online.

The post Vijaya had written went viral and was supported by many on the social media platform. It received 6,201 shares and comments praising Vijaya’s spirit.

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In the end, Vijaya commented, “Only if the manager would have said us to have a seat somewhere else I wouldn’t have been this furious at our society where there are oodles of rape and molestation grasping us every day and we all kind of passively supporting it.”

SheThePeople.TV was unable to connect to the management of Sher-E-Punjab despite repeated attempts.

Picture credit- Facebook