How passionate are you about your country? Passionate enough to travel different countries in 70 days to prove your patriotism? Meet four Indian women who will have a 70-day-long car drive all the way to London from Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, to celebrate India’s 70th Independence Day.

The expedition, named XPD 2470, will begin on March 26, 2017. If everything goes according to plans, then the all-woman team would travel a total 24,000km through 24 countries, including China, Myanmar, Russia and Poland. After they reach the Netherlands, the car will take them straight to the United Kingdom. The whole process requires nine visas and involves covering 500 km per day.  The entire journey will cost them a total of Rs 60 lakh.

4 Indian Women To Drive From Coimbatore To London In 70 Days For Next Independence Day
(Pic credit: Facebook)

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The trip also aims to generate awareness on women’s empowerment and Rotary’s literacy year.

Meenakshi Arvind, the team leader who proposed the plan, said: “I’ve been thinking of this for around two years. Last year, I drove to Thailand and now we are on this through Facebook,” as reported by NDTV.

The team also has some ambitious plans for their drive. While travelling across India, the team has plans of honouring women achievers that includes Kiran Bedi, the Governor of Pondicherry, and Olympian Mary Kom. The women drivers are also planning to meet Theresa May, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

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4 Indian Women To Drive From Coimbatore To London In 70 Days For Next Independence Day
(Pic credit: Facebook)

“The way I look at it is — “Everyone gets a miracle”– and this road trip is just that for us. To live and be challenged,” said Priya Rajpal, a team member and an advertising professional from Mumbai.

Asked about the challenges that come along, Coimbatore-based Mookambika Rathinam said, “We are not sure if there would still be snow in Kyrgyzstan around March. In Myanmar, the army would escort us.”

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To be absolute sure about their skills, the women will soon take a crash course to be able to attend to vehicle breakdowns though they all are experienced drivers.

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