All that you need to know about Leslee Udwin

The biggest controversy our country saw in the past few weeks was around a documentary based on the 2012 gang-rape- ‘India’s Daughter.’ The film received international attention and acclaim, despite all the disagreements and bans. While we all are aware of this information, what do we know about the woman who started this all?


Leslie Udwin, a British filmmaker and actress, best known for making ‘East is East’ and ‘West is West,’ along with the documentary; has been active in the field for two decades now. Her work has a strong cultural essence that has made her a highly acclaimed filmmaker in India and England. Here are a few facts about Udwin that you probably didn’t know:


  • Leslee Udwin was born in Israel to a Jewish father and currently lives in London.


  • Her first feature film, ‘East is East,’ received a BAFTA nomination.


  • Her popular works apart from ‘India’s Daughter’, ‘East is East’ and ‘West is West’, include; for ‘Forgotten Prisoners: The Amnesty Files’, ‘Flucht ohne Ende’ and ‘The Merchant of Venice.’


  • Before turning film actress and producer, Udwin was a theatre actress and later quit feeling bored and frustrated.


  • Her first work as a producer, ‘Who Bombed Birmingham’ helped release 6 innocent men after 17 years of wrongful imprisonment.


  • Udwin feels that working on one project at a time, helps her give it her 100% attention which helps her nurture her work well.


  • It took Udwin two years to make ‘India’s Daughter,’ during which she stayed away from her family and two children.
  • In an interview with The Hindu, following the ban, Udwin revealed that none of the interviews in ‘India’s Daughter’ were paid and that she did not intend to make a single penny out of India through this movie. She even gave the documentary to NDTV for free.


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