Air India Urinating Incident: Elderly Woman Was Forced To Confront Perpetrator

air india urinating incident
The survivor of  Air India urinating incident, lodged a FIR on 4 January, Wednesday, in which she revealed that Air India cabin crew forced her to confront and negotiate with the perpetrator.

The elderly female co-passenger alleged that although she clearly mentioned her unwillingness, yet she was forcefully made to sit in front of the man who urinated on her to negotiate. The woman accused the cabin crew of the Air India Flight of being “deeply unprofessional” and claimed that they were not sensible and proactive in managing such a “very sensitive and traumatic situation” that she had to face.

Air India Urinating Incident

As per the FIR lodged, a few minutes after the lunch was served in the flight of Air India from New York to New Delhi on November 26th, the lights were switched off, when the male passenger seated in the Business Class walked to the elderly woman’s seat, and shamelessly urinated on her. Even after that, he kept standing there until the person who was sitting next to the survivor asked him to go away.

The woman quoted in the FIR that, “I asked the staff to change my seat but, they told me that no other seats were available. However, another passenger sitting in the business class who had witnessed my plight and was advocating for me pointed out that there were seats available in first class,”

After having to stand for 20 minutes the victim was offered a small seat which was used by the staff of the airline for some time, after which she was asked to move back to her seat. But as she refused to go back to the seat where the man urinated, the cabin crew offered her the steward’s seat. Later on the victim got informed by one of the members of the crew that the offender wanted to apologise to her.

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According to her “However, the crew brought the offender before me against my willingness, and we were made to sit opposite each other in the crew seats. I was stunned when he started crying and profusely apologising to me, begging me not to lodge a complaint against him because he has a family and did not wish his spouse and child to be affected by this unfortunate incident.”

She further added, “In my already distraught state, I was further disoriented by being made to confront and negotiate with the perpetrator of the horrific incident in close quarters,”. In the plight of this incident the airline released a statement on Wednesday that they have imposed a 30-day ban on the accused man from flying. They also added that they have set up a panel to investigate if the cabin crew members were at fault for not handling the situation properly

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