This Women’s Day, Air India will create history with the longest ever all-women crew flight. On March 6, a plane of 18 crew members, all women will fly from New Delhi to San Francisco. Air India CMD Ashwani Lohani called it a symbol of ‘women’s empowerment.’ Not only that, everybody working on that plane, from engineers, technicians and  to flight dispatchers, trimmers and gate attendants, it will be an all-women’s show.

The culture of this celebration was initiated by Air India, when it first began in 1985. However 17 hour long flight AL 173, which will return to India on March 8 will be the longest in history. It will be headed by Captain Kshamta Bajpai and Captain Shubhangi Singh.

Here is what they said to to HT

You need to work hard. There is no shortcut to success. I come from a modest family, and without any aviation background. I am overwhelmed to be a part of an all-women crew in the history of aviation. It’s a long flight covering various countries; there are several procedures that we’d have to keep in mind

-Captain Shubhangi Singh

The women who shall be in the history of this year's Women's Day
The women who shall be in the history of this year’s Women’s Day

Only when you wish can you be granted that wish. Only when you dream can that dream come true.

-Captain Kshamta Bajpai

Niki Minaj put it right when she said at the Grammy’s, “We all love to see women on top”. More so, it is as high as 40-50,000 feet.

Miley Cyrus and Niki Minaj
Miley Cyrus and Niki Minaj at the Grammy’s