Air-Hostesses Told Passengers Want Them To Be Attractive, To Sue Airline

Aeroflot flight attendants

Two female air-hostesses held a news conference in Moscow to announce that they were suing Aeroflot for age and gender discrimination.

Two men from the Aeroflot Public Council then stood up and said that air travellers don’t want to see unattractive flight attendants. The women were suing the airline over its policy of not allowing flight attendants to be above a US size 14. The women –Evgeniya V Magurina and Irina N. Ierusalimskaya — were not allowed to fly on international flights because they did not fit into the clothing size as per the airline’s guidelines.

The two men, who spoke on behalf of the Aeroflot Public Council, (they aren’t paid by the airline), insisted that overweight flight attendants are a danger during an emergency. They said that attractive flight attendants were good for business and that the flight attendants should be grateful the airline was concerned about their health.

The men didn’t stop there. One of them accused Magurina of bragging about her body. “She said she had big breasts which served her well throughout her life, and more recently started doing her a disservice,” he said.

The two women had lost their initial independent court cases, which is why they held the news conference. The airline has said that the flight attendants were not being discriminated against as Aeroflot’s requirements for sizes and weight are in compliance with Russian law.

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