AIMPLB’s triple talaq argument angers activists

Triple Talaq

The debate on Triple Talaq has been raging for quite a while now. And the All India Muslim Personal Law Board( AIMPLB), which is strictly against any dialogue on the subject recently added more fuel to the fire. It sent a counter-affidavit to the Supreme Court which said that the practices used by Muslims cannot be changed or “re-written” as they come from the text of scriptures and that the court cannot have its own interpretation of it. This expectedly was met with a cold reaction from the Bharatiya Muslim Mahila Andolan activists who have been very vocal against the practice.

“No one can stop the citizen of this country to approach the court. That is a right Muslim women also have… Lot of rights have been given to Muslim women in the Quran but these are the people (AIMPLB) who are sitting on them and not allowing women to access them because of patriarchy,” said Noorjahan Safia Niaz, co-founder of BMMA, in a report by Indian Express. She is also one of the petitioners against this rule.

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She added, “AIMPLB has been completely obstinate and rigid and there is no point talking to bodies like these. So, SC will be approached and it will have the right to interpret.”

Noorjehan stated that triple talaq is not even a part of the holy Quran, which seeks to assert that divorce if need to be then should happen through mutual negotiation.

“Muslim women have raised certain questions before Supreme Court and AIMPLB’s reaction is to completely ignore these legitimate questions being raised by women who have suffered because of this practice, which exists in no other country in the world except India,” said CPI-M leader Brinda Karat.

“Through Quran, Prophet Mohammad challenged all the existing religions and tradition to move towards equality and justice and that was the main goal of his life… He also said that after me if there is injustice, wise people of that time can take a decision. He gave people the right to re-interpret,” asserts another acclaimed female activist Kamla Bhasin who questioned AIMPLB’s Islamic-ness.

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There is no doubt that the constitutional change that women expect can change their lives as they won’t have to live on the mercy of their husbands who right now have the power of abandoning them any time by saying talaq thrice. With the end of tripe talaq, Muslim women can also negotiate divorce and file for one themselves.

Feature Image Credit: Indiatimes.timesofindia.com

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