With the World Boxing Championship approaching, a new requirement has been bought forward by AIBA. The invitation that was sent to India by the world body, also requested the Sports Authority of India, to send non-pregnancy forms for the women boxers by a doctor.


Eight women boxers competing at the World Championships in Korea next week, which included unmarried women and juniors, were subjected to pregnancy tests by Sports Authority of India under the new requirements.


Some have been highly critical of this rule feeling it’s a violation of human rights. This includes SAI consultant Dr PSM Chandran who told  NDTV Sports, “These boxers have been compelled to undergo pregnancy tests. They (BI) ordered and the SAI followed suit. Pregnancy tests were carried out on eight young unmarried girls, some even juniors, a classic case of human rights violation.”


[Picture Courtesy: India.Com]


He added, “The shocking thing is that it was done against rules. In the AIBA Technical Rules which came into effect on 31 Aug 2014, there is no provision to subject boxers to pregnancy tests… All that I need to check up again is if it was done within the spirit of the rule.” Sports secretary Ajith Sharan however said that the sports ministry will only intervene if it is proven that rules were violated.


“This is a matter handled by the federation doctor. But this is not the first time our women boxers had gone outside the country after undergoing these tests. Each of the women boxers are required to give a certificate (that they were not pregnant) for their safety as well as that of the would-be baby,” said SAI Executive Director (Teams) Sudhir Setia, who confirmed that the tests were done. He however ensured that no violation of rules was done as the tests were mandatory under world body AIBA guidelines.