Love It: Agents of Ishq brings sex-education on the table

When Paromita Vohra’s ideas came together with ideas of women’s NGO Sneha, a beautiful film was born. A film that talks about the cycle of the human body, attraction and reproduction, fulltoo Bambaiyaa style. The almost 12 minute video titled “Main aur Meri Body” features little children from Dharavi, who must be approximately 12-16 years of age, presenting an animation on everything about sex and sexuality, and how it is formed.

Adolescence is the age when the mind is flooded with hormones and curiosity takes over. Around a couple of times less than always, we choose to ignore conversations that emanate from these. And that is exactly the gap that the makers of the video aim to fill. It is high time that we merge incorporate sex in education, and liberate the mind from the basic that every organism alive goes through. The youth needs to be prepared for greater challenges, and for that it is highly essential that we tackle the basics first.

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The video captures the human body in terms of chromosomes, hormones and pheromones and how they operate in shaping a human being’s sexuality. Keeping in view that most adults have around sexuality or even the idea of talking about it, this video seems like a great headstart in normalizing such conversations.

My most favourite character in the aptly framed movie is the tapori guy from around the block, the one who talks in stereotypes throughout the film. The one interesting thing that this tapori boy speaks is that wet dreams are known as “Svapn-Dosh” in Hindi.  The term literally translates into ‘ fault of the dream’. The idea that the dream is being blamed for something so natural, reflects
how the Hindi speaking society interprets the natural course of the body.

Credit: Agents of Ishq

Credit: Agents of Ishq

Sneha is a Mumbai based non- governmental society that works for women’s education, nutrition, health and advocacy.

Agents of Ishq is a small multi media project that makes content around love, sex and desire. It was conceptualized and is Vohra’s effort. Her areas of interest include gender, equality, freedom, choice and desire, and she has been actively engaged in presenting these ideas on the new media. Her free-spiritedness is reflected in the way the film has been produced.

The video might not really interest you from the very beginning, although it does pick up from a point where the conversation opens up, and issues of both the natural sex and socially ascribed gender are separated from each other. Both the old and the young shall have much to mull over after they watch this video.