Age no bar: Amritsar’s Daljinder Kaur becomes mom at 72

72-year-old mother

72 is hardly an age to be contemplating motherhood. But Daljinder Kaur from Haryana didn’t let age stop her in her quest for a baby. And on April 19th, she gave birth through In-Vitro fertilization(IVF) to a healthy boy with the help of Dr. Anurag Bishnoi at the National Fertility Centre in Haryana. In the process she beat Spain’s Maria del Carmen Bousada, who earlier held the distinction of being the world’s oldest mother at 66 years of age. Anonymous donor eggs were used in the process of reproduction in the case of Daljinder and she gave birth by caesarean section method.

“Everyone asked me to adopt a baby but I never wanted to. Now I have my own child,” said Mrs Kaur. We will raise him and give him a proper education. I had faith in Almighty that I will have my own baby, and Waheguru answered my prayers,” she told the Telegraph.

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Originally from Amritsar, Daljinder’s husband Mohinder Singh Gill happened to see a print advertisement of this fertility centre and quickly made a decision of visiting. Kaur went through three rounds of the in-vitro fertilization before actually getting pregnant. The whole process cost the couple around Rs. 1lac which might seem like a lot, but is not much as compared to other countries.

The government hasn’t stepped in with any major regulation for this procedure yet, and so this treatment is gaining popularity among many women marred by societal pressure. Older women, especially those in the 50 plus age-bracket are exploring this option for having a baby. However, not all in the Indian medial fraternity are in favour of women conceiving via IVF as they say that this treatment might put the woman and her child at life’s risk.

Daljinder though is very thankful as she feels that her life is complete now with a child in her arms. And as far as the age factor is concerned, the couple is not concerned with it at all.

Feature Image Credit: Mirror.co.uk

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