Age No Bar For These Grannies On The Road

Grandmothers On a Road Trip

It’s never too late to explore the roads. Not at least for these grannies from Delhi, who want to break the mindset that only youngsters can travel safely. Meet homemakers — Neeru Gandhi (60), Monicka Chanana (51), Sarita Manocha (62) and Pratibha Sabharwal (61) – who are super enthused to tour the highways. Their travelling saga began in March last year.

A road trip from Delhi to Rameshwaram — a 29-day journey — proved life-changing for them. Driving a total 4,400 km, took 23 stop-overs during the entire trip.

Grandmothers On a Road Trip

Pic Credit: Facebook

While most of the women are senior citizens — in their 60s — they were totally prepared to face any emergency. From learning how to fix a car that refuses to start to changing tyres to sharing travel-diaries on social media – they have mastered it all.

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The gang had it all chalked down — whether to take halts, also the places they could stop by to eat the best food etc — before starting the journey.

And there was no stopping them after the Delhi-Rameshwaram trip. This month, the group took off for another trip to Rajasthan and Gujarat. Unfortunately, Sarita won’t be joining Neeru, Monica and Pratibha this time.

Grandmothers On a Road Trip

Pic Credit: Facebook

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Click on the Facebook page, Age No Bar, to know these women’s monumental journey across the country. 

There’s no stopping women from travelling solo or in company. To motivate other women to undertake such trips, the grannies have documented their entire journey on their blog.

I am reaching out for my backpack, are you too??

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