It’s never too late to set a new record. A 67-year old US woman from Florida who loves tattoos and has inked her whole body, has recently earned a place in the new Guinness World Records 2017 Edition book as the Most tattooed senior citizen (female).

Charlotte Guttenberg does not fear needles. In fact, her ability to bear the pain is what makes her unique with exactly 91.5% body covered in colourful designs and shadings.

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67-Year-Old Woman Set Guinness Record
Charlotte Guttenberg ( Picture Credit: Guinness World Records)

Charlotte is a writer, certified personal trainer and a life coach.  In 2006, she got a professional tattoo for the first time, an since then has been inking herself over the last decade, which has culminated in her becoming a record breaker.

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67-Year-Old Woman Set Guinness Record
Charlotte Guttenberg ( Picture: Guinness World Records)

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“From that very first splotch of ink, her passion for tattoos spread like wildfire over her body,” Guinness said, reported by NDTV. Meanwhile, her life-partner, Charles Helmke, has been recognized as the Guinness World Records as the Most tattooed male senior citizen. The 75-year-old also shares Guttenberg’s compassion for fitness and writing as he is a retired defence trainer. Helmke got his first tattoo when he was in the US Army, in November, 1959.

67-Year-Old Woman Set Guinness Record
Image By: Guinness World Records

“The pair are aesthetically ideal, as 93.75 per cent of his body is tattooed,” Guinness World Records reports.

Now there’s a couple made for each other, if ever there was one!

Feature Image Credit: Guinness World Records

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