After Poor Response To Himmat App For Safety, Delhi Police Takes Stock

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Delhi Police‘s attempt to ensure safety in the city does not seem to have benefited many people. In January 2015, the cops had introduced the Himmat app,  a safety app for women in the city to signal danger.  But the numbers show that this app has failed to be a big hit with the city’s women. The Delhi Police recently held a meeting to review the situation.

In over two years, only 86,000 women have chosen to download the app, according to official figures

But according to Google, only 1,000 people have actually downloaded the app from its app store. And Apple app store claims that only four users have downloaded the app. Until now, the cops have gotten about 8000 SOS calls via Himmat.

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The police meeting was held to review the functioning of the app and how to make it better. It was headed by Delhi Police Commissioner, Amulya Patnaik, and all senior police officials were present to discuss the issue. Patnaik directed them to cross-check all the social media and the app interfaces which sets in the connection between the public and the police system.

In the review, the cops found out that the difficult and lengthy registration procedure might be posing as a hiccup, so they have now been asked to make it more user-friendly and promote it all over again

“We have already made the registration process in Himmat app much simple. Earlier, a new user had to answer several questions. Now, new users have to provide two contact numbers of relatives or friends while registering with the app,” said Sanjay Beniwal, Special Commissioner, women safety, airport and modernisation to The Asian Age.

“To make the app user-friendly and make it popular, we are making certain changes to enhance user safety. A special training session will be called for police personnel who will further promote the app among women and other users,” he added.

Picture credit- ubnsoft