Anti-obesity exponent Vandana Luthra recently gave keen attention to the latest melodrama of Socialite-columnist Shobhaa De fat-shaming a cop.

Now, social media is abuzz with a comment by VLCC founder Vandana Luthra.

Luthra, while acknowledging the crucial matter (without being judgmental of course!) has shown her concern and sweetly offered to help cops loose weight. She invited them to live a healthier life.

The whole drama in short — posted a picture of an obese policeman sitting on a chair, and referring him as a Mumbai police personnel without knowing that he belongs to Madhya Pradesh police. De wrote, “Heavy Police bandobast in Mumbai today”.

When the Twitteratti was outraged and called the writer a bitter person for body shaming someone she doesn’t know. But the Mumbai police dealt with the matter gracefully.

This is not the first time that De has got into trouble. Earlier too, she had openly commented on Indian sportspersons competing at the Rio Olympics, thus landing into controversy. So someone please tell her that mocking people for no reason isn’t an accomplishment.

By not being the troller here, Luthra proved her efficiency and why we would love her over any self-proclaimed social commentator. It’s high time Shobhaa De learnt how to respect human beings first.

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Feature Image Credit:  Celebrity Curry

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