After Bihar, Madhya Pradesh Records First Cases Of White Fungus: Report

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The state of Madhya Pradesh recorded its first white fungus case on Saturday, May 22.

A 55-year-old man in Jabalpur had just recovered from COVID-19 when he was hit with the White Fungus or Aspergillus Flavus infection. According to a health official, he has now become the first white fungus case in the state.

An operation was conducted on the man on May 17, after his headache and eye pain did not subside. Then on Friday, it was detected that he had a white fungus infection in his nose. This was reportedly confirmed by Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Medical College’s ENT Department head, Dr Kavita Sachdeva.

She also stated that white fungus infections are curable with medicines, and don’t require injections as Mucormycosis does. However, she did say that both black and white fungus infections affect people who are diabetic.

Earlier, Bihar had recorded four white fungus cases. However, all of them recovered fully.

Some health experts have warned that the white fungus is deadlier than the black fungus infections while some are saying the opposite. Read more here.

Meanwhile, MP Medical Education Minister Vishwas Sarang stated that the state had recorded over 650 cases of black fungus. The previous day, four people from the Balaghat, and Damoh districts of the state died because of the black fungus infections. The chief medical officers of both the districts have said that they were facing a shortage of anti-fungal injections used for treating black fungal infections.

Both the black and white fungal infections infect a person who has a weak immune system. The drugs used for treating COVID-19 tend to lower the immunity of the person and makes them vulnerable to many infections. People with high blood sugar levels are also prone to such infections.

Recently, the central government had directed all states to declare black fungal infection as an ‘epidemic’.

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