After 2 FIRs Against Him, TVF Founder Arunabh Kumar Untraceable

Arunabh Kumar

There’s a new twist to the sexual harassment case involving TVF (The Viral Fever) CEO and founder Arunabh Kumar. While initially the police could not register a complaint after a woman complained about Kumar on a social media site, now two more women have come forth and filed a complaint against him. But… here’s the twist: the Mumbai Police have failed to trace Kumar.

Highlights of the case so far:

  • Till now, two women have registered sexual harassment case against TVF CEO Arunabh Kumar.
  • After the FIRs were filed, Mumbai police could not trace the accused.

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Kumar grabbed the headline ever since an anonymous woman blogger called The Indian Fowler on blogging site medium.com, accused him for molestation. After days of ignorance, when finally a women stood up and filed a case against him, Indian Express reported that Kumar was booked on molestation charges and the Mumbai Police has issued summons to him. “Based on the complaint of a victim, a case under Section 354 (A) and 509 of the IPC has been registered,” an official of the Mumbai Police said.

Meanwhile, a second complainant also lodged an FIR against the TVF CEO on the same basis of the sexual harassment case on 29 March.

What Kumar Said Earlier

“I unconditionally and unequivocally deny all these allegations. Social media has already declared me an offender, but I am ready to address all the allegations against me. I am open to receiving a police complaint so that I can respond legally as well. TVF is bigger than me and if there is a remote chance that I have done any wrong, let me be persecuted.” 

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The woman, a writer-director, is a former employee at TVF, who worked in the startup a year ago — registered her statement with the Versova police. Her allegations against Arunabh are similar to that of the previous complainant, alleging that he touched her inappropriately.

However, on Thursday, 30 March, the Mumbai Police reportedly stated that they are still unable to locate TVF CEO Arunabh Kumar.

A police official told Hindustan Times, “It is a non-bailable offence and we will definitely be opposing his bail plea. We want to arrest him.”

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Even the MIDC police paid a visit to the TVF office, which is within their jurisdiction, but Kumar was missing from the office too. “We are searching for him but are unable to find him,” said a police official.

“We had sent a team to the TVF office and were told that Kumar was not present. We also sent a team to his residence in Andheri on Thursday and Friday, and he was not there either. His mobile phone has been switched off since the first FIR was registered,” said a police officer.

The officer added that the investigating team had learnt that Kumar had contacted defence lawyers, and may file for anticipatory bail. If he does, the police will oppose it in court, he said.

“I am a heterosexual, single man and when I find a woman sexy, I tell her she’s sexy. I compliment women. Is that wrong? Having said that, I am very particular about my behaviour.” – Kumar

The police have even started asking the complainants to name the witnesses who can back them up, including TVF employees. The police also are trying to gain information from TVF’s current employees and others in the team. “Both the cases have occurred at different times and places, and hence will be investigated separately,” Mumbai Police spokesperson DCP Ashok Dudhe said.

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