With No Mention Of Girls, Taliban Says Boys’ Schools To Reopen From Saturday

Afghanistan schools afghan refugees in India
Afghanistan schools are going to reopen from Saturday but only for boys, the Taliban ministry of education said in a statement. He did not mention anything about the girls’ schools or if they will be allowed to attend classes.

The statement said, “All teachers and male students should attend school”. It has been a month since the Taliban seized Kabul from the grasp of Ashraf Ghani-led government and the schools in the country have been closed since. Several reports have stated that the new militant regime has been struggling to manage the falling economy and the restoration of normal way of life in the country.

As per reports, some schools have managed to operate lately where girls up to Class 6 and attended classed and some women have been able to go to universities but high schools have not seen female students.

In several statements in the past month, the Taliban and claimed that it will not repeat the fundamentalist activities from their earlier rule during 1996-2001. However, several reports have confirmed that the militant group is not allowing women to work as of yet. The group had even asked women to stay indoors as their workers are ‘not trained’ to respect women. They said that due to security concerns, the activities of women and girls are not possible yet. The latest statement of schools reopening did not mention girls. All state and private owned schools at primary and secondary level as well as madrasa schools are scheduled to reopen from Saturday.

In another news, the Taliban has reportedly replaced the women’s ministry in the country with their moral police. The sign on the department’s building read, “Ministries of Prayer and Guidance and Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice”. The department was earlier used to enforce rules according to the Taliban’s interpretation of sharia law. It even involved public executions and floggings for minor issues like breaking the dress code.