Women In Afghanistan Are Being Stopped From Entering Amusement Parks

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The plight of women in Afghanistan is unimaginable as they are being deprived of their fundamental rights, one restriction at a time. On Wednesday, several women were denied entry into an amusement park in Kabul, the capital city of Afghanistan. After the authorities were questioned on the same, the spokesperson for the Ministry for the Propagation of Virtue and Prevention of Vice (MPVPV) gave confirmation on the news without disclosing many details.

Taliban’s morality police have decided to place restrictions on women’s accessibility to amusement parks in Afghanistan as they have informed the parks’ operators to turn women away from the entrance itself.

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Afghan women restricted from amusement parks

After the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan generated a series of concerns worldwide for the cause of women’s rights in the country, the group’s authoritative government said they respect all women’s rights but through their interpretation of Islamic law.

According to a recent report, women in Afghanistan will not be permitted entry into amusement parks in the country. Like the already-in-place, restricted laws that segregated park rules based on gender weren’t enough that women are now being denied complete entry into the parks. Per the previous rule set by the MPVPV, parks and open-air spaces were supposed to be segregated based on the gender of the population visiting, and certain days would be set aside for women in those spaces.

A media house’s journalists witnessed several women being turned away by the park guards at a huge amusement park in Kabul. When questioned, the park operators, who requested to not be named, revealed that they were given instructions by the Taliban agents for the same and that they were being observed by the agents roaming around the space. One of the women who was turned away, a resident of Kabul, told the media, “I urged a lot to the officials to let me in, but they did not allow us, women, to get inside the park, so have to return home now.”

The takeover proved to be the worst scenario ever for the women in Afghanistan who were living their independent lives prior to it. The group not only took away the basic rights of women but also placed limitations and restrictions on their movements within the country.

Apart from amusement parks, the Taliban has also banned women from gyms. The ministry has justified the latest alterations in laws by putting the entire blame on women for not abiding by the rules.

The ban on gyms has come into force lately and the Taliban agents are expected to put surveillance on whether the rules are being followed or not.

The Taliban-appointed spokesperson Mohammed Akef Mohajer has justified the move by stating that the group tried its well in the past year to avoid closing the doors of parks and gyms of women, however, women did not follow the rules defined for them on basis of clothing and behaving in public, and therefore, they are taking back the rights f women to access these public spaces.