Hotel Exec Files Molestation Plaint Against Security Manager, Loses Job

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A woman executive, who works at a hotel in Delhi’s Aerocity, was allegedly molested by the hotel’s security manager. The incident was captured on CCTV.  After the 33-year-old woman registered a complaint against the perpetrator, she was fired from the job.

The accused was arrested on Saturday (August 19) after the CCTV footage was shown on news channels. “Based on her complaint and CCTV footage, we have arrested the accused,” said police officer Deependra Pathak. The manager, however, has been released on personal bond of Rs 25,000, PTI reported.

According to NDTV, this sexual harassment case at workplace took place last month. The entire misdeed was captured on CCTV.

The accused had asked the woman to come to his cabin and offered her a gift. When she refused, he tried to disrobe her. When the woman accused him of trying to “get physical” with her, he reportedly asked her to spend the night with him in the hotel.

The woman later claimed that the manager also tried to pull her inside his car as she was walking towards a Metro station after work, reports The Times of India.

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The CCTV camera caught the entire episode. The woman then took this case to the HR department and complained to the officials.

Little did she know that instead of supporting her in taking strict action against the accused, they would sack her

The woman then approached the police and filed an FIR three days after the alleged crime.

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When asked, a senior police officer had earlier said, “The accused has denied that he was trying to abduct her.”

While sexual harassment cases at workplace are increasing in the country, why is it that the survivors end up suffering the most? In this case, the woman executive is out of a job. What kind of justice is this?

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Hotel Exec Files Molestation Plaint Against Security Manager, Loses Job
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