Advise for aspiring women leaders in Tech

Studies reveal that despite being less in number, women have been doing extremely well in the field of tech. A few of these successful women share their learnt lessons.

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Advise for aspiring women leaders in Tech



It is often reported that a greater number of women than men, are receiving academic degrees in STEM fields. A recent research by Forbes revealed that from 1985, where the number of women in computer science was 37%; the percentage dropped down to 18% in 2010. In spite of these statistics, women are seeing immense success in the tech industry.


A study by Kauffman Foundation states that hi-tech startups led by women receive a 35% higher return on investment. Many other studies and researches have proved that women have great potential when it comes to running tech companies. Successful women like Marissa Mayer and Sheryl Sandberg have often emphasized on the need for more women in the sector. But apart from these successful women, there have been others, who have been doing extremely well in the industry. These are a few tips they share with aspiring women tech leaders.


Joanna Weidenmiller

Co-founder and CEO at 1-Page


She advises women to surround themselves with people who posses skills and experience they lack. She also says that reaching out to the CEO community for assistance proves to be extremely beneficial.


Shauna Mei

Founder and CEO of

Mei feels women have a very strong intuition when it comes to digital habits and behaviors. She too admits that relying on other powerful and successful women for advice has helped her immensely.



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Ingrid Vanderveldt

Dell’s first Entrepreneur-in-Residence- overseeing global entrepreneurship initiatives for Dell.

Vanderveldt advises women to get a mentor, form a support group and build their self-confidence- in order to succeed. As the primary controllers of financials in the family, she feels women are smart and savvy and have great opportunities in tech.



Maria Sipka

Co-founder and CEO

She advises women to base their company in a city that has ample resources. She adds that to nurture children and a company together, its very important to have a “rock-solid partner.”



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