If you’ve lost all hope in humanity, you might just want to read this. A 16-year-old teenage rape survivor from Uttar Pradesh, who gave birth to a baby boy in an ambulance last week, has received offers from several couples who wish to adopt the infant. The teen had lost the battle for an abortion as her pregnancy was past the cut-off period when she sought the procedure. Her rapist, Asif Khan, is now in prison.

Unlike the Indian stereotype, where families do not accept “illegitimate children”, several couples–cutting across religions and social strata–have offered a home to the newborn. The girl confessed not wanting to keep the child because of financial reasons. The teen even refused to marry the rapist, saying it would be humiliating for her.

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TOI quoted the father of the teen, saying, “I have been meeting so many of them. At least 10 (couples). They started coming to the hospital since early morning. There are others, too, who want to meet. But what do I tell them? The matter regarding the baby’s future will be decided by the court. We have already moved the Allahabad high court regarding the future of the child.”

Saba Khan (33) met the father and the teen and promised to take care of the baby boy in her house. She told TOI, “I have a 16-year-old daughter. We want a son as our daughter will leave home after her marriage. Our family longs for a son and we will take very good care if we are allowed to have him.”

Another lady Soni Sharma told TOI, “My husband Ashish, who is into lighting and decoration work, asked me to come here and talk to the minor girl. We have tried for a child of our own and failed. We want to take the baby home.”

Feature Image Courtesy: The Hindu