Adopted Daughter Meets Birth Mother And The Truth Isn’t Rosy

Adopted daughter meets mother

Nilakshi Elizabeth Purve Jorendal was adopted from India when she was a young child, by Swedish parents. She was recently reunited with her birth mother. But it was far from a happy ending. She has found out that she was takenagainst her mother’s will.

Her parents were open about the fact that she was originally from India, and so in the late 1990s, Jorendal decided that she would search for her birth mother.

However, unlike in the movie Lion, where the protagonist has a happy ending after he finds his real mother, this story was not so picture perfect.

Jorendal had been taken to Sweden against her mother’s will. Her mother had been pregnant when her father passed away, and had delivered her in an orphanage.

“She told me she was coerced, tricked and pressurised to give me up by her own family members who wanted her to re-marry,” she told Thomson Reuters. Her mother was forced to give her up and remarry.

She was able to visit her mother this year in Yavatmal, which is 670 km east of Mumbai.

Jorendal has mailed the orphanage superintendent, who is now 90 years old and who lives in Australia. She is still awaiting his reply.

Arun Dohle of NGO Against Child Trafficking, says that officials treated children forcibly taken from their mothers, as abandoned children, and put them up for adoption.

“This should be treated as trafficking of babies,” he said.

Jorendal’s adoptive mother passed away 12 years ago, and Jorendal has epilepsy and a blood disorder.

“(My mother) was more worried about my health and wants to see me married,” she said.

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Picture Credit: NDTV

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