Ad Showing True Story Of Transgender Mom & Daughter Is A Big Hit

Vicks ad

A new ad by Vicks posted on YouTube on Wednesday has garnered record views owing to the message of inclusion. The ad is based on a true story about a young girl named Gayatri and her transgender mother Gauri Sawant.

The ad begins with Gayatri leaving for her boarding school in a bus and reminiscing how she was adopted by Sawant. She says that her mother wants her to become a doctor and then moves on to recall that she was actually born to a sex worker. Her birth mom used to be very ill and by the time she turned six, her mother was taken to the hospital and she never returned. Gayatri’s birth mother died of HIV-AIDS.

After this, Gayatri was sent to an orphanage from where Sawant adopted her. They formed a great bond. While Gayatri is thinking about it, the visuals of Sawant reveal that she is actually a transgender woman. At this touching point, the ad shows how Sawant takes care of Gayatri when she falls ill. She cooks Gayatri’s favourite food on Sundays and they bond over horror movies.

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The young girl, ready to embark on a new journey of living alone in a boarding school, reveals that the loving connection between her and her mother is more than just that and has culminated in a beautiful friendship.

The reason for Sawant to send Gayatri to a boarding school is believed to be the fact that she does not have to go through bullying by other children because of the very reality that her mother is a transgender woman.

If you have reached this point in the video with heaviness in your throat, the last bit of it will force you to weep at this tear-jerking ad. While Sawant wants her daughter to become a doctor, Gayatri reveals the desire of becoming a lawyer someday just to fight for her mother’s human rights. She invokes that when everyone has basic civic rights to live, then why is her mother not allowed the same rights?

The ad is a massive success with the amount of views it has garnered in the last two days since it has been uploaded. By now, it has been viewed 678,388 times. It shows how the Indian society is slowly moving towards addressing natural phenomena like transgender motherhood which has always been a taboo.

Watch the ad here:

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