Actress Saloni Chopra’s bold Instagram posts about sexuality is the new movement against stereotypes

Actress Saloni Chopra

Dear society, you hate it when a girl breaks all societal barriers and becomes bold as hell, don’t you? No matter how great work she does or how creative she is, you are going to judge her by the way she dresses, or how late she works, you’re going to label her ‘slutty’ if she openly talks about boyfriend and virginity. Well, we girls have reached a certain point of life where we don’t care either of your judgement or stereotypical thinking.

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25-year-old actress from Mumbai, Saloni Chopra, Mtv Girls On Top female lead is doing the same and we are glad she did! She is voicing against the socially prevalent issues through online platforms, which had a quick impact on women like us at least who fights for equal rights.

Instagram posts






Saloni’s series of Instagram posts are shutting up those mouths that often pursue slut-shaming or sexual abuses to uphold their male nature.

We salute you Saloni!

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