Actress Malvi Malhotra Stabbed by Lover, Speaks About The Incident

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Actor Malvi Malhotra, who was stabbed thrice by her rejected lover, has opened up about the incident. She spoke about the experience, what impact did it have on her, her parents reaction and how the doctors saved her little finger.

The incident happened on October 26, around 9 p.m. in Versova when Malvi was returning home from a cafe. According to a police official, accused Yogesh Mahipal Singh allegedly forced-stopped her to check why she was no longer talking to him. This triggered an argument between them. The accused then stabbed her with a knife in the abdomen and both hands and then fled from the site. The actress was then taken to Kokilaben hospital in Andheri.

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Malvi is stable now and discharged from hospital. She is now talking about the incident and about her plans of learning self-defence techniques. Her parents have been very supportive throughout the incident but they are also scared. However, they won’t stop her from working. “We won’t stop you from working, but we want your security. Darr ke mat jiyo, but at the same time, apni security bhi rakhna bohot zaroori hai“, she quoted her father in an interview with Times of India.

After this incident, the actress is fearful and says that she has to exercise caution. But she does not want to spend her life being afraid. Learning self-defence can help her take better care of herself. She said that she will be more strong physically and ready to face any untoward action. Malvi feels pity for the accused and says that the fact that he stabbed her shows nothing but his criminal mind.

Originally hailing from Himachal Pradesh, Malvi has worked in several television shows and a few Bollywood movies.

Shivangi Thapa is an intern with SheThePeople.TV