Actor Shraavya Reddy Slams Pervert Who Asked Her Breast Size

Telugu actress Shraavya Reddy slams pervert who asked her breast size. Pic/Shraavya Reddy's Facebook account

Telugu actress Shraavya Reddy slammed a pervert who openly asked her breast size during a Facebook live session. Shraavya was targeted by an ‘arguable fan’ and lost her cool and handled the situation like a boss.


Watch the video here:

The video made by Shraavya is going viral on social media where she is seen shutting down the ‘fan’ with a powerful reply! Shraavya Reddy says, “Come on yaar, why do you guys see my body when I am telling something very important. India is going down man. F**k that. Yes, I am using vulgar language but you are using and lot of people are seeing your comments. I am not showing my body. Don’t praise my b***s. Yes, I have amazing b***s. What’s your problem? Will your mother not have? Every girl has b***s.”

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Shraavya Reddy was putting up her opinion live in the wake of the demonetisation of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes during the Facebook live session when she was abusively questioned.

She later calmed herself down and appealed to everyone to focus on the main subject. She further added, “First take the information, man. Come on! It’s enough. I have already replied to a lot of people on my page who ever comments on my b**bs. This is not what I am talking about right now”

Moving on, she did not keep some big names away from the discussion like Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, and said that ‘they are banging their head thinking what to do with the black money’.

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“If you’re watching, watch the information that I am giving. I’m not some big celebrity like Aishwarya Rai or something. They are not giving this information. They are happily sitting at their home and they are watching TV. They are just banging their heads thinking what to do with their black money. I don’t have black money. Yes, I do have a lakh or two at my home in Hyderabad, in Mumbai and Guntur. My mom is having Rs. 50,000, so in altogether maximum to maximum I only have 1,50,000 rupees with me, which I am going to give to the bank because that money I already have withdrawn from the ATM. It’s not like I took it from someone else. So I don’t have to get scared about that. So rather than praising my boobs, go and tell this information at least to your house help, you perverts,” she blasted the perverts.

If you’re disgusted, let me tell you, this is not a new vulgar activity we Indians are seeing. Almost every woman who voices her opinion on social media, gets harassed repeatedly or becomes subject to some form of lewd comment or another.

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Not long ago, President Mukherjee’s daughter Sharmistha was also a target of perverts on social media.

Very recently, Parched actress, Radhika Apte shut down a reporter at a press conference when she was asked about an intimate scene from the film that was leaked.

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“Sorry, your question is very ridiculous. Controversies are made by the people like you. You saw the clip, you shared with other people, so you made the controversy,” she said, as reported by The Indian Express. “I am not ashamed of anything. People who are embarrassed about their own body are curious about others’ bodies. So if you want to see a naked body tomorrow, see yourself in the mirror rather than my clip. Then only we can talk about this,” she added.

And who would forget how Deepika Padukone lashed out at a leading news publication for their attempt at selling news by spreading a clip of her cleavage.

We are glad that Shraavya hit back at the commentator and we believe it’ll show every woman out there of how they should never ignore this kind of abusive behaviour.

Feature Image Credit: Deccan Chronicle

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