Acid Attack Survivors Turn Tattoo Artists

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Acid Attack Survivors Turns Tattoo Artists

Yes, they were victims of acid-attacks – but they are Survivors, Heroes. Yes, their faces are scarred for life but that doesn’t stop them from living their lives and following their dreams. We are talking about some acid attack survivors (from Delhi’s Chaanv Foundation) who walked in to a tattoo-making workshop to be trained in the art of tattooing and opting to make a career with the skill.


The five brave women – Laxmi Saa, Roopa, Ritu, Soniya and Madhu — got their training at Body Canvas Tattoos in Hauz Khas on how to learn the art of inking. They also got a few designs inked on themselves.

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Acid Attack Survivors Turns Tattoo Artists Laxmi Saa (left) got inked at Body Canvas Tattoos in New Delhi (Photo Credit: Daily Mail)

“When I was told that we can learn tattoo-making, I thought, our bodies are already tattooed, what’s the need for this? But then, this art might be a good medium to create jobs for us and even raise awareness to stop acid attacks,” said Laxmi, who got a ‘Freedom’ tattoo. “I am getting a meaningful tattoo which connects to my soul. It is symbolic to freedom because I want to show society what free will is, and what having an opinion means to us. This tattoo career workshop is in line with what we strive for, and therefore, we are happy to collaborate,” she added, Daily Mail reported.

Since the day Reshma Querishi, another Indian acid attack survivor, had walked the ramp in New York last year, these women got inspired to try out new careers.

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Rupa was curious about inking her mother’s name on her forearm.

“I’m planning to open my own beauty salon and if I’m able to also create tattoos, then my clientele will be happy,” said Soniya, another acid attack survivor.

Acid Attack Survivors Turns Tattoo Artists Acid attack survivors Soniya (L) and Rupa and Laxmi with Vikas Malani (Photo Credit: Hindustan Times)

Laxmi said, “I have got a tattoo of a fairy aiming for a crescent moon on my forearm. I know that tattoos can even help me hide my scars. But I won’t do that because these scars are my identity and till the time I’m alive, I want the society to see them and feel ashamed about them.”

Tattoo expert and the founder of Body Canvas Tattoos, Vikas Malani, who was a part of this day-long activity, said, “On Women’s Day, while thinking about my late mother, I saw a picture that I could connect with. Later, that I found out that the girl in the photograph was Laxmi – the acid attack survivor. I decided to bring a smile on their faces and it’s only now that I have been able to accomplish that. I inspired them to learn the art and become tattoo artists themselves.”

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Acid Attack Survivors Turns Tattoo Artists Practising tattoo-making on synthetic skin (Photo Credit: Hindustan Times)

Following the day-long workshop, Ritu and Madhu joined a Sheroes café (operated by acid attack survivors) to further hone their skills in tattoo-making.

These women are now hoping to pursue this passion and master the art! We wish them the very best!

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Feature Image Credit:  Hindustan Times

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