Was Threatened Over “Morphed Image With Woman”: Narendra Giri In Alleged Suicide Note

Narendra Giri Photo With Woman
Narendra Giri photo with woman was “morphed,” a note discovered beside the late religious leader who allegedly died by suicide in Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh, mentions. The seer was the president of Akhil Bharatiya Akhara Parishad (ABAP) and was found dead at his ashram on Monday.

The purported suicide note of seven pages names three disciples responsible for Giri’s death, including yoga guru Anand Giri; all of them were arrested earlier this week, according to NDTV.

Reports quoting Giri’s letter claim there was emphasis in it about a “morphed image” of a woman and the late saint that Anand Giri was allegedly attempting to circulate to “bring him shame.” Anand Giri has reportedly claimed “a big conspiracy” in his name being written in the suicide note and has demanded the handwriting be probed.

Giri and his disciple had been clashing for some time now, Indian Express reports, with accusations over financial irregularities in ashram funds.

Narendra Giri Photo With Woman Put Him Under Pressure, Note Mentions

Giri assumed role as the head of ABAP in 2016. Police in Uttar Pradesh said around 5:30 pm on September 20, they were informed by the saint’s followers that he hung himself from a fan at his residence in Baghambari math. Disciples brought the body down from the ceiling before police came, they said. The death is prima facie being considered a case of suicide.

The 72-year-old mahant’s death has prompted responses from several ministers, including from Prime Minister Narendra Modi who said Giri “played a major role in connecting many streams of Sant Samaj together.”

“Today, I received information that Anand Giri would in a day or two make a photograph of mine with a woman viral using a computer,” Giri’s alleged suicide note says as quoted in reports. It adds he would “not be able to live with disrepute.”

Image: Afternoon Voice

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