Pink is for girls and blue is for boys- something that’s been going on for generations now. They were the ‘said’ norms and we saw this with toys too where every store would urge boys to cars and girls to dolls.

However, the wave is changing with the 21st century. Like a breath of fresh air, an inspiring mother addressed the perpetual pink colour and princess theme as the “princess epidemic.”

A woman from Atlanta Michele Yulo started a website called Princess Free Zone. The website wants to revolutionize  clothing for girls selling “suits” specifically for girls.

Her inspiration came from her daughter who, she claims is a ‘tomboy’. Her daughter Gabriela started playing with superman and batman, categorically limited to boys from the age of three. She preferred pants over dresses, which gave Michele the idea of ‘Suit Her’-the name of the suits collection for girls.

“From a very young age she wanted a tuxedo. … We searched and searched and couldn’t find one for girls, so we bought her a boy’s tux. She wore it proudly with her black-and-white Jordan high-top sneaks and her (then) long hair pulled back in a ponytail. Since then, she has opted to wear suits for many occasions.” said Michele to Yahoo Parenting.

The funds for this project were raised through crowd-funding on a kickstarter page.

The suits are available in three varieties with pants, skirts and shorts priced anywhere between $125 and $150. Apart from this, the website offers an array of different things like book and more to girls who open themselves to choices to all the colours without stating genders to them.

This collection is a definite merger of fashion for boys and girls. The debate started by supermarket Target’s putting a stop to separating sections for  boys’ and girls’ toys. This has triggered positive change to remove preconceived notions. Clearly there is a huge scope for more opportunities like these in creating space for gender diversity.

Picture Credit- Makers