A sardonic reflection on the proverbial glass ceiling: Watch this

A humorous video reflects on the glass ceiling by means of play in a board game.

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You can be anyone you want to be, well, in an ideal world. The ideal world also holds the possibility that there will be no prejudice or discrimination based on any factor that contributes to your social identity. But is this the world the one that we live in?


Is that didn't get you thinking, this &">video by Comedy Central   definitely will. Using the tool of comedy, the video is a scathing reflection on gender discrimination. When you start out, you don't even realize its a parody, much like the real world. Then a group young girls playing a monopoly-like game called 'glass ceiling' aren't really able to get a hang of the game, as unreasonable roadblocks like the way they look or male ego keep pushing them back in the game of reaching the glass ceiling. The girls eventually get bored and rather than shattering the glass ceiling, they just break away from the stupid game (I wish we all could do so in the real world too!!)

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Irony in comedy for the glass ceiling Comedy's Central's take on the Glass Ceiling (Picture Credit: Comedy Central)

If you think reality check is over, you made a call bit too early. Wait for the next board game they have for men. They call it 'privilege' (obviously, there is no better term)- with bundles of resource support and a headstart in the game (metaphor for life, I feel). Poorvi Gupta, journalist with ShethepeopleTV, shares her colorful opinion:

From the beginning of the video, it gave me jitters since everything related to girls had to be pink while the boys were just fine with no color stereotyping there. The girls had to go through all the sexual harassment even inside the game while the boys straight away move to the Harvard. The only likable part was when girls understand what they have gotten into and smash the game along with the patriarchy.    

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Mindful and thought provoking, the viral video has a political undertone to it too, where it points out at one of the American Presidential candidates who subscribes to the classic white male privilege. In a world that has always thrived on human differences, this video is definitely a way to take a step back and look at the situation rather objectively and figure what we have added to this legacy, both knowingly and unknowingly.


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