Even as the government fixed the January 2017 deadline for installation of the panic button in all mobile handsets, comes another piece of tech news aimed at women’s security. Delhi-based Mobile Standards Alliance India (MSAI) has introduced an innovative safety application, for which being connected to the internet is no longer a prerequisite.

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Called ‘I Feel Safe’ – the app has currently been developed for android platforms, and functions just as well in offline mode. So, in case of an emergency, all one needs to do is press a power button five times in a row to activate it, whether or not you are connected to the internet. The app will then sms the distress message along with your location to pre-defined family members.  “The app is aptly leveraging a mobile device to combat crimes against women, terror threats and kidnapping discreetly,” MSAI’s business head Bhawna Kumari told TOI.

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Here’s all you need to know about ‘I Feel Safe’:

  • Once you activate by pressing the power button five times in a row, the app will quickly send an SMS with the distress message and location to pre-defined family members and an alert call will automatically reach local police authorities.
  • The app automatically coordinates with the map at every one-minute interval allowing a rescuer to view a route map leading to the victim’s real location. The app will keep on sending alerts until it is turned off by the user.
  • The main vision to launch the app was to stress upon women’s safety through digital connectivity.
  • The company is currently coordinating with mobile makers for tie-ups to add ‘I Feel Safe’ to all devices.
  • The minimal cost for including this app in mobile devices is just Re 1 per device, which should make it an attractive proposition for mobile players in the market.

Feature Image Credit: Betterindia