A Rest Day: 9 Reasons Why You Need It To Energize

People, all across the globe, seem to be overworked. Read on to know 9 reasons why a 'Rest Day' is required to energize.

Charvi Kathuria
Mar 01, 2017 10:57 IST
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People, all across the globe, seem to be overworked. In fact, research says that more and more people are demanding to have more 'Rest Days' in a month for a plethora of reasons. Tired of the pressure of deadlines and chaos surrounding their everyday lives, people must take their 'Rest Days' seriously.


Read on to know 9 reasons why a 'Rest Day' is required to energize.

1. Healthier body

Taking rest should be an indispensable part of our lives and the reality is that our body actually demands rest from time to time to function with an intensity that can yield good results. Putting one’s body under a lot of strain without giving it adequate time to recharge is wrong and can have dire consequences in the future.

2. To lead a more organized life

People who follow the ritual of taking a rest day once a week lead a more organized life as it helps them find time to plan their upcoming projects and prioritize their actions accordingly. This is also the sole mantra of success in all spheres of life.

3. To enhance your creativity


Taking adequate rest is a sure shot way to get your creative juices flowing. History is testimony to the fact that all great artists and inventors believed in the power of rest in enhancing their creativity.

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4. To pursue your hobby

Were you always good at painting but could never find time to pursue it? Did you drop your artistic skills because of your inability to juggle it with your demanding job? Your Rest Day will help you compensate. Doing something you love can recharge your jaded batteries and make you feel alive again.

5. To spend time with family

Our stressful lives are making it impossible for us to spend time with our beloved family members. A Rest Day is necessary to make up with those beautiful moments and conversations that get skipped due to prior commitments. There are many people who believe in deriving energy from spending time with their family.


6. For recreation

It is funny to know that people who slog day and night the entire week prefer staying at home on their Rest Day over going out to explore a new place. Rest Days can be best used for going out with close ones for recreation. This energizes one’s body and soul.

7. To get sufficient sleep

People, these days, are caught in a sedentary lifestyle. They compromise their sleep to complete their pending tasks. Having a Rest Day to get sufficient sleep is a precursor to staying productive and energized.

8. To alleviate pain

If your work involves a lot of physical labour, your chances of developing fatigue are very high. This can strain your muscles and cause unbearable pain in your body. On the other hand, a Rest Day ensures that you have enough time for your body to recuperate and for the pain to subside.


9. To eat right

Do you have a habit of gorging on everything that comes your way during working days? This habit can harm your body in the long run. While you might not keep tabs on your eating habits on most of the days but a Rest Day can do the needful. Eat lot of fresh fruits and vegetables throughout the day. This will eliminate any toxins that had accumulated over time. Do not forget to drink plenty of water to keep you hydrated.

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