“If girls go out for dinner or drinks with boys, it is a choice. This is no sign of them being available.”

-Amitabh Bachchan in Pink

By Shubhangini Arora

We live in a world where we proudly talk about the achievements made in the field of science, technology and architecture. Sadly, it is beyond shameful that despite all these advances, the same world has failed women- especially those who refuse to be reduced to a modestly-dressed, tamed, dispassionate and “cultured” puppet. Surprisingly, a commercial Indian filmmaker steps into this previously unexplored territory and gives us the most important film of this decade- PINK.

Shoojit Sircar’s Pink, takes a stand for Indian women like no other Hindi film ever has. It announces, without hesitation, that consent is not conditional. Being an independent, sexually active, working woman, who enjoys drinking and meeting people, makes you human and expecting you to behave in any other way is unjustifiable. The film unapologetically goes on to deconstruct an ideology that is imbibed deep into our psyches and brilliantly shames anyone who still stands by male sexual entitlement.

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I am proud that this film was made in my country. I am proud that despite this being a sensitive issue, no efforts were made to dial down the radicalism, which is always condemned in our country (a police officer mockingly refers to them as the Bindi waali fauj in the film).

Disturbingly, majority of the people across the country believe that if you are not a virgin, if you choose to wear a pretty skirt, if you wish to work harder and stay in office till late hours, if you choose to drink alcohol, if you do not immediately assume that every man you see is a potential rapist – your “NO” holds no value. Admiringly, through a couple of very powerful scenes, the movie establishes, that no matter what a woman does, wears or drinks, if you do not heed her “No,” you are a criminal offender.

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Reasons to watch the film:

-If you are feminist and feel strongly about this issue, watch the film, for Pink will give you hope and the needed motivation to keep fighting.

– If you care about social issues, but find the word ‘Feminist’ too aggressive for your liking, watch it to examine your own stand on the issue and gain some perspective.

– And lastly, if you know people who are either indifferent or dismissive or believe that Feminism is a hyped concept, drag them to the theatre to acquaint them to the reality of our society.

The biggest achievement of this film is that it bought conversations around consent and sexual liberty to drawing rooms and class rooms, this is where change begins. After years of arguing and fighting, you may have become disdainful towards people who are oblivious to the challenges faced by women. This is your chance: make them watch the film; this is the least that you and I can do.


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