Britain’s PM Theresa May is all set to campaign for her first election as prime minister. The upcoming British elections are being awaited with much excitement and May is using all her strength into garnering as many votes as she can. So much so that she appeared on a television show with her husband, Philip May, and revealed bits and parts of her personal life to show a different shade of herself.

Here a few revelations from May’s personal life as revealed on BBC ‘The One Show’:

  • The biggest revelation was when Philip told the interviewer that May wanted to be a PM from much before she actually became one. The first time she expressed her desire to be PM was six years ago.
  • Then, May agreed to Philip’s claim and said, “I’d wanted to become an MP from quite an early age. From when I was at school, I wanted to become an MP.”
  • On the negative of being married to the PM, Philip speculated, “If you’re the kind of man who expects his tea to be on the table at six o’clock every evening, you could be a disappointed man.”
  • Philip also shared his thoughts on marriage and said that marriage is all about trade and give and take. “There’s give and take in every marriage, isn’t there? I get to decide when I’ll take the bins out or if I’ll take the bins out.” But he also maintained, “I definitely do the taking the bins out, I do the traditional boy jobs by and large.”
  • He also told the audience that May is a “very good cook”. To this, May replied that now that she is so busy with her new role of being a PM, she only gets to cook on weekends.
  • They also divulged information about their love life and how they got attracted to each other. Philip said that “it was love at first sight” and May resounded with “likewise”.
  • About taking work to home, Philip revealed that work has never entered the bedroom. “I don’t think it’s ever made an appearance in the bedroom. I’ve never had to try and sort of … shoo it out,” he said.
  • When questioned by the interviewer as to what motivates May, she was quick to answer, “For me, it’s always been about making a difference because politics is about people and it’s about improving people’s lives … doing things that really will help people to get on and have a better future.”
  • About the ongoing debate of fake news, May cleared her stance, saying she has suffered the consequences of it too when she was going to be selected for a seat in the Conservative Party. “One of the newspapers reported that I was going to have trouble being selected because of my new baby and we did not even have a baby then and we did not think any more of it. Until that afternoon my mother-in-law saw it and got disappointed.”

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Picture credit- NDTV

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