12 Games From The Childhood For You To Remember The Good Old Days

Malvika Shah
Apr 08, 2017 02:11 IST
India Childhood Games

Childhood… Ahh! The good old days, before the technology took over, when the biggest concern was to choose the colour of the crayon. Oh those decisions! How innocent were we? And how simple was life? Playing in the mud and watching our favorite cartoon shows on TV, and cursing the homework. That pretty much summed up the best days of our life.


Nostalgia is beautiful and one is never too old to revel in it. While we are at it when was the last time you happened to play? Probably a long time… How about we get back in the time and remember the games we played. If it triggers you can call up your chaadi-buddies and relive your childhood.

1) Hide and Seek

It had different versions and probably every Indian child must have played this one. Finding different places to hide and marking the “adda”. Wasn’t it a little adventure in itself?


Nostalgia Games India

2) Lock and Key

This game was a nightmare for someone who was hated by the group. Have you guys ever targeted someone and made sure that person got locked and keyed at the same time so that it’s his turn to catch and then run away at a different spot?


3) Pittu

How many times have you people had to stop this game because someone hit the ball too hard and one person ended up crying? For those of you who call it by a different name it is a game where in two teams are formed and player from one team would need to break the pile of stones kept by hitting it with the ball and then all the members from the same team would try to put the pile back up while member of the other team would hit you with a ball to stop you from making it.



4) Land and Water

Well I personally use to love this one. Acting like the piece of land is actually water and screaming and shouting while crossing it and doing it really fast so that the sea monster doesn’t catch us? Honestly, what were we thinking?

5) Chain Sakli


If you had a crush during your childhood this would have been your favorite game, as it allowed you to hold hands and run around. And after a while when the chain got really long it used to be a laugh riot to see your friends falling.

6) Colour- Colour

Now I don’t know what you people called it but it went like someone would shout a colour and then everyone would go here and there to find that colour and touch it mean while the person catching would run behind you, you are only safe when you are touching the said colour.


7) Four Corners

The object of the game is for players to choose corners of the room and not get caught by the designated "It" player until they are the last remaining participant.

I remember torturing the friend whose turn it was to catch. We would not move even an inch away from the pillar!


8) Blind Spot

We would tie a piece of cloth around the person’s eye and then run here and there making noises so that the blindfolded person can catch us. Did you people hit the person you hate very hard too?

9) Chor - Sipahi

Half the team was the robber and the other half police and then let the chase began. I don’t know about you but I sure felt like a detective 007.

Raja Mantri Chor Sipahi

10) Stapoo

We fancily call it hopscotch now that we know it had an English version. But Stapoo was such fun. And one could make one just about anywhere. Home or school or just on the tar roads.

Stapoo The Game


11. Tippy Tippy Top

Oh my god. Writing about this also makes me laugh. It was such fun. Which colour do you choose (asked in a sing a long way)!

India Childhood Games

12. Name Place Animal Thing

General knowledge buffs loved this. It was a perfect game on a long train journey ride. Because unlike Ludo or Snakes and Ladders the dice and gotis wouldn't fall off or shake and lead to arguments over which position each player was really on (rolls eyes and smiles).

Name Place Animal Thing Name Place Animal Thing

I know me stating these names would have brought a million memories. Cherish the good ones and if you take my advice relive them because let’s face we still have a child within and all work and no play would make jack a dull boy.

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