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9 Amazing Health Benefits of Bay Leaves

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Bay leaves are shrubs best known for their aroma and have been used for cooking since a very long time. Many different aromatic leaves come under this category. The scientific name of bay leaf is Laurus nobilis. In Hindi, it is generally referred as tej patta. They are generally grown in the Mediterranean region.

Bay leaves, since time immemorial has been used in curing many ailments.

Here are some important benefits of Bay Leaves:

1) Bay leaves are used in aromatherapy, which includes herbal treatments of skin and respiratory problems. It also contains organic compounds which aid digestion and cures gastric problems.

2) The oil extracted from these leaves, if applied on the chest can help in curing respiratory problems. While inhaling its aroma, one can actually feel the herbal aromatherapy.

3) Bay leaves soaked in water and rubbed on the dry scalp can help eliminate dandruff and other scalp related problems. The chemicals present in these leaves help in improving hair growth.

4) By consuming of bay leaf as a spice, one can feel relief from irritation in the stomach. It has the ability to reduce inflammation and also helps in curing arthritis.

5) It also helps in proper functioning of the cardiovascular system by eliminating bad cholesterol.

6) Bay leaves have the properties of preventing mutation of cancerous cells in the body due to its anti-oxidizing nature.

7) Bay leaves help in the reception of insulin in the body and thus aids in the prevention of diabetes. Regular consumption of bay leaves can help diabetic patients in maintaining the sugar level in the body.

8) They also help in reducing the level of stress hormones in the body as it has the ability to detoxify the blood.

9) Bay leaves are mostly used in cooking. Adding leaves to the dishes like Biryani adds flavour.

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9 Amazing Health Benefits of Bay Leaves
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