8 ways to make the best first impression at work

Mar 29, 2017 08:30 IST
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First impression is the last  impression. People almost always remember how well (or not so well) they are treated. So make sure that your first impression on people is good especially at work. Here are a few tips that will help you make the best first impression at work:


1) Smile & Name people : Make sure that you greet everyone with a smile and learn your colleagues  name as soon as possible. This makes one socially  more likeable, people often like it when they are called by their names.

2) Body Language : Your body language says a lot about  you, make sure that the body language is positive and it should show that you are more confident . Your posture shows how confident you are so sit up right and let the confidence show up.

3) Outfit : The way you present your self is important, make sure that your outfits  is on point  . Your shoes adds on to your personality people sub consciously notice your shoes first. Make sure they are formal and  are going well with your outfit.

4) Personal life outside office : What you do outside office is your personal matter which should not be discussed with anyone. Make sure that you leave personal life outside office. As it  could spoil  your image in front of every one.

5) Take initiative: Don’t shy away from taking risk, it helps you grow as an individual. It also helps you stay under the lime light for a longer time, which will help people recognize you.

6)  Making mistakes : If you make a mistake accept it and make sure it doesn't  happen the next time. Blaming others won’t help.  Accepting it will help you to be in good books of people .


7) Be on time: Be on time at work it shows that you take your work  seriously and you are punctual about time. It makes one look more dependent and trust worthy.

8) Talk only when necessary: When you listen more you learn more, so talk only when it is necessary listening to someone won’t create a problem at any given point of time,  and  if you listen to people it could help you in looking at things from a different perspective.

Picture Source: Modesto Bee

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