I know what you are thinking, 2016 was at best, an okay year. 2017 will be a new ray of hope, a new approach to old things. No pressure, but two days are already gone and new year resolutions are so passe. But you don’t need to worry because we have got you covered. Here are 8 ways to get more productive in 2017.

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1. Say ‘Yes’ More Often

A day-long trekking trip on your only week off, adopting a stray animal, volunteering in charity drives or picking up a new hobby, say yes to things you haven’t tried before and use this year to rediscover yourself in a new way.

2. Exercise

A healthy lifestyle does wonders for your body and mind. There is no need to fret and take up a gym membership, but try and understand what works for your body. While some might enjoy extensive weight training, others prefer cycling, swimming, brisk walking or even an hour of Bollywood Zumba.

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3. Go Offline

The advent of technology has ensured that we continue to live the better parts of our day vicariously. But try and go off social media at least for an hour every day. Use that time to meditate, read or have an actual conversation with the people you love.

4. Keep a Day Planner

Even if you are excellent at multi-tasking, a day planner helps you be organised on the professional as well as personal front. One quick note will ensure that you don’t overburden yourself with work or commit to having a dinner with friends and family on the same day.

5. Engage with culture

Be it books, theatre, films or a viral YouTube video, be part of the cultural discourse surrounding you. Take time out to immerse yourself in different stories which could very well remind you of your own life. Get outside your Facebook wall and appreciate a painting on the wall of an art gallery.

6. Travel

Set off to distant lands and uncharted territories whenever you have the time for it. Manali is a good idea even in the winters, Goa is beautiful, transient even in the humid summers. So pick up that backpack, and leave.

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7. Be Eco-friendly

I am that person who refuses to even throw a disposable coffee cup unless there’s a dustbin around. I am told it doesn’t matter, people litter anyway. But making a choice to be our responsible for our environment, only helps us to preserve it for ourselves and our future generations.

8. Sleep

The last and final step to having a productive year, ensure you get your eight hours of sleep so that you can spend your days being productive, getting things done and enjoying yourself along the way.

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