8 Ways To Enhance Your Public Speaking Skills

Malvika Shah
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Public speaking is not an easy task, there is always some nervousness at the beginning and of course the fear of being judged by the audience. But public speaking provides a great opportunity to hone your speaking skills.


So here are few tips that will help you with the nervousness, and make your speech more effective.

Practice your Speech: As they say “practice makes a man perfect”, so yes practice your speech before the actual delivery, it can be in front of your friends, family or simply in front of a mirror. This will help in maintaining the flow of ideas when you deliver it.

Understand the Concept: Understand the concept rather than learning the content. If you’re good with the language the words will flow, so make sure you’re very clear about your subject. You may fumble with the words that you have mugged up but if you have a clear understanding of the concept you can improvise.

Jot down the Essential Points: Make a list of the points you have to cover, this way you won’t miss out on anything.

Know the Environment: If it’s going to be a large auditorium or you have to speak in front of a large audience, make sure you visit that venue a day prior so you know the environment and are comfortable with it. Rehearse your speech at that place if possible, this will help you familiarise with the new environment.

Know your Audience: In order to make your speech interesting for your audience, it is of utmost importance to know them beforehand, try to include examples and jokes that cater to your target audience.


Keep your Speech Interesting: Add a bit of humour to break the monotony, ask questions to make it interactive, add examples to get the point across, nothing works best than a personal example. Ask the audience about their point of view and interact with them to have their attention.

Record your Speeches: Many times we don’t come across as we intend to. You may realise that you use too many hand gestures while talking, this diverts the attention from the speech, the key is to improve or change your shortcomings, and going through your performance will help you prepare better.

Dress Nicely: Your attire reflects your personality and improves your self-confidence. Dress according to your audience and the topic. Remember that the purpose of your clothing is to enhance your personality, so make sure it is not a distraction for the audience.

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