8 Ways to Declutter Your Mind


Stress, stress, stress. Its everywhere. Our lives nowadays are just like a rat race. With women taking care of their homes, work, and so much more, there’s just so much to be done, and our minds store information that we don’t need. There is so much clutter in our brains that, like a computer, we need to clear out to make space for the important things.

When we clutter our minds, it affects our bodies. A troubled mind can lead to many problems in the body – for instance – it is a known fact that if you are under stress at work, then you can develop issues such as high blood pressure, hypertension, diabetes and so many more lifestyle diseases. The best way to avoid the risks for these diseases is when you prioritise your life, and take a step back and reevaluate everything. Here are a few ways you can declutter your mind. Even if you follow some of the steps, and do it slowly, your mind and your body will thank you!

What matters to you the most? Is it your job, your health, family or your passion? Make a list of things that are most important, and remember to not stress about the rest.

Make Lists
Going grocery shopping? Need to organise a bachelorette party? Need to order stationary for the office? The easiest thing to do is to make lists. Once you have everything down in a list, you tend to worry less about the task ahead of you. It brings the clutter from your brain on to a paper.

Breathe and Meditate
Learn different types of breathing exercises and do these everyday. Even if you do them for 5-10 minutes daily, it will help your overall health. You can also routinely meditate at a time when your brain is not buzzing too much. Before sleep, is the ideal scenario.

Spend Less Time on Technology
We spend 8 hours at the office, in front of our computers and phones – but we need to know that this only increases the clutter in our minds. We are bombarded by information from everywhere, and this can be overwhelming at times. Its best to limit your hours on the internet or TV when you are back home (you can’t really avoid it at work)

Declutter in Real Life
If you have a house or an office desk full of clutter, this makes your mental state even worse. Take some time out to throw away things you don’t need, donate things that are still in good shape, and store away things you don’t use on a daily basis. This exercise will give you some good headspace.

Let Nature Cure You
Go for walks often, and let yourself be surrounded by nature. Most of us now live in concrete jungles, and have very limited or no access to nature. Take time out on the weekends to visit national parks, forests and other locations to refresh yourself.

Let Go of the Negativity
Learn to only give power to positive thoughts. Negative thoughts are useless, and cause a lot of anxiety in us. They clutter our minds up and are extremely useless! Learn to turn a negative thought into a positive one and just focus on that

Sleep Well
Fix a time to go to bed, and wake up. This will help you organise your days better. A good night’s sleep is very important for the well-being of the mind, so try and be comfortable, use essential oils and read a book before bedtime. Try and avoid your phone at least 2 hours before bedtime!



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