8 Tips For Writers By Meghna Pant

Meghna Pant

Meghna Pant has published many books from fiction to women’s issues. She recently conducted a Twitter chat to share nuances of getting published and writing. Here are 8 tips for writers by Meghna Pant

On who should become writers

Not every person has the capability to write and so not everyone gets published. People don’t publish when nobody wants them to publish.

On how Writers Meets help aspiring writers

Many literature festivals help new writers in getting published. Seize such opportunities. It is rare to be hand-held in publishing.

On approaching the perfect publisher.

Most publishers have their submission guidelines on their website. But for a newbie, it is better to navigate publishing through an agent. There are many good agents in India like Mita Kapur, Writers Side, Sherna Khambatta and Purplefolio. Follow their submission guidelines. But If you wish to be a renowned author, try approaching a renowned publisher. Otherwise, there are scores of random “authors’ and “publishers” in the country.

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On self-publishing

Very few self-published authors are able to sell books or build a reputation. You must write a book good enough to be noticed by a reputed publisher.

On publishing rights

After writing a book, the rights are transferred to the publisher as they pay you royalty and an advance for your content.

On managing expenses associated with publishing of the book

The publisher must be paying you for your manuscript and talent. It is the publisher’s job to worry about expenses. Your job is to write.

Few things the author should keep in mind while getting published for the first time.

Do not undersell or oversell yourself. Get active on social media to promote your book and remember that perseverance pays in the long run.

On Book promotions and sales

For promoting one’s book, you must have a deep pocket. But, if you have a zero marketing budget, it is better to rely on your talent and word-of-mouth.

Meghna Pant was on a twitter chat with LitOFest. She is also an anchor on SheThePeople.TV and curates Feminist Rani for the digital channel.

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