8 Startup India Schemes That Benefit Women

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It has been a year since the Startup India campaign was launched by the central government in an effort to nurture and sustain the development and growth of startups in the country. It promised to provide quick clearances to new startups, tax rebates, robust start-up hubs and innovation programs to five lakh schools across the country. Post this, the government also launched the Stand Up India scheme which especially sought to support women from SC/ST and OBC backgrounds who wished to start their own businesses.

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Here are eight schemes of Startup India that could be really useful to women.

1. School Programmes

Often, right from the onset young girls are told that a career in science and technology is a man’s domain. Innovation programmes which aspire to initially cater to around 10 lakh children would ensure that girls are encouraged to research and innovate from a young age. The fact that 10,000 innovations developed in schools would be provided with prototype support will go a long way in helping impressionable minds realise that they could do anything.

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2.Innovation Centres in National Institutes

Another resource for women entrepreneurs to make good use of as the government sets up 13 startup centres and 18 technology business incubators in National Institutions across the country.

3. Atal Innovation Mission

This scheme which encourages self-employment and innovation could be a big support to new women entrepreneurs as it focuses specifically on mentoring and providing creative individuals with the platform to develop their own ideas. It has promised innovators sector-specific incubators and 500 tinkering labs around the country

4. Funding Support

The government has set up a fund of Rs 2,500 crore per year for the next four years to invest in the booming startup industry. The fund, which looks forward to aiding a variety of sectors such as manufacturing, agriculture, health, education etc, should only encourage more women to kick start their own ventures.

5.  Tax Exemptions

Allowing startups to not pay income tax and capital gain tax for the next three years will only boost a steady growth and development in the community.

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6. Startup Fests

The government has promised at least one national startup event to “to enable all the stakeholders of Startup ecosystem to come together on one platform.” This will also encourage women entrepreneurs, mentors to network with each other and build a support system for each other.

7. Self-Certification

The government is providing startups with a single point access through a mobile app through which they can self-certify themselves. No inspections will be carried out for three years on the labour laws front which will only allow startups to breathe and expand whilst keeping compliance cost low.

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8. Legal Support

The government acknowledges Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) “are emerging as a strategic business tool for any business organisation to enhance industrial competitiveness”. So, the final cherry on the cake for women entrepreneurs is that the scheme provides access to high-quality IPR services, “including fast-track examination of patent applications and rebate in fees”.

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