8 Must-Haves For A Work-From-Home Mom

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Work-from-home isn’t as easy as it sounds especially for a mom. It definitely has its perks, but it is far from fun when you have to meet a deadline while taking care of a sick toddler.

So here is a list of 8 essentials to make working at home a little bit easier.

  1. Reliable Childcare: If your little one hasn’t started school and needs supervision, then the first and foremost requirement is someone who can watch them while you are working. This could be someone in your family, a day-care or an in-house nanny.
  2. A Designated Working Space/room: Most of the space at your house is full of messy toys, televisions run on various cartoon channels, or kids playing. Working amidst such high traffic area may feel like reading a book in a loud, chaotic room. Find a place separate to any of these areas where you can sit, focus and get work done without any distractions. Get a great desk and office chair for yourself.
  3. High-Speed Internet: Working on a slow internet speed can be a test of patience. A faster internet speed increase productivity instantly as you have to spend less time for web pages to load, downloads or uploads and email updates.
  4. Staying Motivated:  As your physical interaction with the people you work with is zero it is important to keep yourself going. You have to figure out what is motivation for you; it varies from individual to individual.
  5. Be Disciplined: You are not in a traditional work set-up where you are committed to work for a certain number of hours.  It’s about self-discipline. You are your own supervisor.
  6. Scheduled Time-off: Plan your week ahead so that you have a designated day or time which you spend with your little one.
  7. Be Innovative: Stock your office space with kid-friendly office supplies it is impossible to ban them completely from your office so you have to be constantly innovative in keeping them busy.
  8. Me-Time: Outside of work hours and time with family give yourself a little breather each day. A half-an-hour of Me Time can do wonders to your productivity.

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