8 Emirati Princesses Convicted of Human Trafficking

saudi man jailed

Eight Emirati princesses were convicted of human trafficking by a Belgian court on Friday (June 23). They were suspended because of their treatment of servants at a Brussels luxury hotel 10 years ago.

The women got 15-month suspension for human trafficking and degrading treatment, said lawyer Stephen Monod. They will have to pay a fine of $184,000. A servant had slipped out of the hotel where they were staying in 2007 and 2008 and had complained to the Belgian police.

The women had brought more than 20 servants with them on a visit to Belgium. They had forced the servants to be available 24 hours a day, sleep on the floor. The servants were not given any days off, not allowed to leave the hotel and were made to eat the leftover food of the princesses. They have denied all charges, and were not present for any of the court trials.

The way domestic help in India is treated is no less. Company, Book My Bai, has announced a blanket ban on Bollywood celebrities after many maids complained of being treated badly by the stars.

According to the founders, more than 20 Bollywood celebrities have been accused of mistreating domestic help hired via BookMyBai.com, including verbal and physical abuse.

“Celebrities feel that since they have money and influence, they can do anything to their home helps, who often choose to not report cases of abuse and misconduct due to their poor financial condition and fear of being targeted,” said the company’s founder.

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