More and more people are choosing to work for home, whether it is an entrepreneurial venture or new mothers who want to balance household chores, her growing family’s needs along with her professional commitments.  Working outside of traditional office step-up has its own set of challenges. One is surrounded by actions and people that could cut off your momentum. Just when you are all set to finish the work at hand, suddenly someone rings the bell, visitors, deliveries, or it’s your dog who wants to go for a walk. Add a toddler running around the house to this mix, and it seems impossible to actually be able to getting started forget about meeting a deadline.

The objective is stay motivated in order to be more productive. Let’s talk about these eight steps which can actually help in increasing productivity.

Find Out What Works for You: When you take up a task, ask yourself whether it is going to be fun and inspiring for you. Your output will always depend upon how much you value the task at hand. At the same time it is important know your limits.  If that one extra task is going to push you over the edge, refuse it without being rude.

Change your Patterns: Try to wake up a little early so that you have some time for yourself, to read the newspaper or relax and enjoy your morning cuppa.  When you wake up at the last minute, and immediately run to start your chores it is you who is the most stressed.

Take care of Yourself: Staying healthy is of the most important thing when you are juggling between multiple roles. Do some exercises in the morning which involve stretching your muscles. If yoga or aerobics are your thing take a few lessons which will help you learn it properly and then you can work out alone at your home.

Dedicate office space for work: Keep your workspace separate and organised.

Make your computer distraction-free: Organise your files and folders. Ensure your laptop is virus-free. Sort and label your emails. Identify daily time wasters; like stay away from social networking sites while you are working.

Get some fresh air:  Take a break for five-minutes after every couple of hours. Once in a while step out and breathe some fresh air.

Value quality over quantity: Remember it is not about how long you work; it’s about how much you get done.

Congratulate yourself for a job well done: Reward yourself every once in awhile. Take a break and do something that helps you relax and rejuvenate.

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