78 Percent of Child Marriage Victims Have Health Issues: Study

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Around 78 percent of child marriage victims in Hyderabad and nearby districts develop serious health issues after marriage because their husbands and relatives physically assault them, as per a new study on Child marriages.


Child rights organisation, MV Foundation conducted a study wherein in they interviewed 46 girls who were married for two to three years. It also interviewed 26 girls whose marriages were annulled. The girls were between 16-20 years of age.

Girls face physical assault:

According to the study, 89% of the girls were subjected to physical assault by their husbands on a daily basis, while 71% of the girls faced physical violence after marriage from their in-laws. The girls’ health had deteriorated after marriage and they reported not getting any help from their families. 30 percent of the girls said that they had body aches and pains after their marriages.

"Even in the 21st century, the barbaric practice of child marriage continues. The state of Telangana where the study was carried out is no better than the national average with 11.3% of the married persons in the age group of 15 to 19 years. Almost every girl has been through multiple forms of violence," said the study.

Difficulties in giving birth:

In terms of giving birth, 15 percent of the girls had miscarriages. 32 percent of deliveries were performed via C-section. 4 percent of children were still-born.


Mother and child were completely safe in only 39 percent of the cases.

Detrimental effect on mental health

Further the girls reported feeling depressed and anxious. Also, 37 percent of them felt lonely in the marriages. Girls are forced to leave school, their friends and family, and this is a major source of distress for them. The mental repercussions of girls marrying young cannot be ignored. 

Rate of child marriage India

A total of 12 million child marriages have been recorded in the country in a decade, according to the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) .The highest percentage of child marriages among girls (2.5 percent) take place in Rajasthan.

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