7-Yr-Old Syrian Girl Bana Alabed To Publish Memoirs

Bana Alabed

She is just seven years old, but her achievements go far beyond her years. Syrian refugee girl, Bana Alabed, became an advocate for war-torn Aleppo with one tweet and the face caught global attention. Now she is ready to publish her memoirs. Bana is reportedly penning horrific stories of the war from her own experience of the Syria conflict.

She took to her Twitter account to announce the news:

Her memoirs — Dead World — will tell how Bana and her mother escaped the war zone in Syria and are now far from their homeland, adapting to their new life in Turkey.

When asked about her book, Bana said in a statement issued through her publisher, “I am so happy to have this opportunity to tell my story and the story of what has happened in Aleppo to the world. I hope my book will make the world do something for the children and people of Syria and bring peace to children all over the world who are living in war.”

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The memoirs will be available in the autumn of 2017, to be published by Simon & Schuster.

Bana’s mother Fatemah, an English teacher, helps her write tweets and is a strong supporter of her documentation of the air strikes over Aleppo since last September. When asked, Fatemah told CNN that her daughter has started writing the book this week. “By telling her story, I hope people will understand kids are the ones most affected by wars,” she said.

Bana has 369,000 followers on Twitter. “People are dying like flies here. I don’t know what is next. The bombs are just like falling rain,” her mother said. She had opened a twitter account for her daughter so that the terrible story of the war zone spreads to the ears of many and, hopefully, the world will acknowledge her child’s voice to gain global support for those in Aleppo.

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A frequent tweep, Bana has given her followers a peek into a world where there are frequent air raids, and also she shared the horrific incidents of how her friends and her dreams for the future died in the war zone. She has shared photos of bombed buildings and graphic images of those killed as well.

“We could not go out,” Fatemah later told CNN. “Because of the bombs, I could not send [my children] to schools because it was so dangerous. So they lived their whole lives at home. They don’t know anyone, just me and their dad.”

She has been using the social media platform to make requests to US President Donald Trump, urging him to end the wars and to save the children of Syria.

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Bana’s upcoming memoirs will be available as an audiobook, and a young reader’s edition will be published by Salaam Reads.

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Feature Image Credit: CNN

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