7 Signs That You Were Born To Be A Writer

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This strife-torn world we are living in is in need of more and more writers who can mollify people through the power of their words. Writers are born with an innate ability to observe, sense and feel stuff that’s difficult to be spotted by anyone else.

“When the imaginary world in your head is more exciting than the real world you inhabit, and you’d rather be left alone to reside there,” Kiran Manral tells SheThePeople.Tv when asked about the most powerful sign that signifies that you were slated to be a writer.

Read on to know about more such signs:

1. You have an eye for detail

Well, your friends call you the detective of your group who never fails to miss on any detail. Needless to say, you are eagle-eyed. You read between the lines and understand everything that’s unsaid and unwritten. While describing something, you not only lay emphasis on its physical attributes, but write in a nuanced way about how the thing that compliments its surroundings.

2. You love reading

You are a voracious reader. You have a library of your own piled up with some influential books. Reading makes you lose track of time. You enjoy the visuals described in the book and empathize with the characters. You get emotionally attached to every single book you read. If yes, you are a writer.

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3. Your friends call you a “philosopher”

Without a formal degree in philosophy, you can philosophise every subject. You ponder deeply about life, death, existence, happiness and everything that’s in between. Objectivity doesn’t have a place in your life. You tend to psychoanalyse things and think an umpteen times before jumping to a conclusion.

“When the imaginary world in your head is more exciting than the real world you inhabit, and you’d rather be left alone to reside there”- Kiran Manral

 4. You like to be left alone

Solitude is a writer’s best friend. You like your own company because that’s when you are in communion with yourself. While spending time with friends is something you look forward to, you still prefer keeping aside some time in silence to reflect on the day that went by.

5. You appreciate good writing

Re-reading a properly structured sentence has become your habit. You appreciate a good piece of work and aspire to imbibe the same perfection in your writing.

6. You always keep a diary close to you

You don’t want to miss any golden chance to take note of something important and so there is always a diary by your side replete with words. This habit of yours helps you get rid of the writer’s block you might develop as an outcome of mind-numbness.

7. You know your thesaurus by heart

There isn’t a single word in your thesaurus not known to you. Antonyms, synonyms, you know them all. You crave for learning new words and aspire to use them whenever you write something next.

So, did you spot any of the signs of being a writer?

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